Company Profile

The University Medical Group originated in mid 1972 as the business/accounting office for full-time clinical teaching members of the Faculty of Medicine. On April 13, 1978 a constitution was adopted which formalized the establishment of a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee. Since that time the UMG has increased its membership from 88 members in 1972, to over 600 members today and has added a wide range of services which are available to all members.

Vision Statement

University Medical Group will support and promote the development of GFT members and their Departments within the Max Rady College of Medicine in their pursuit of excellence.

Mission Statement

The Mission is to promote clinical and academic excellence by:


  1. Representing and advocating on behalf of GFT members;
  2. Providing professional, independent business management expertise and services to support individual GFT members and staff;
  3. Facilitation of Human Resources, as needed, to assist members and their Departments;
  4. Providing a consultation and liaison resource for members, Departments and external agencies;
  5. Providing opportunities for selected programs and the underwriting of specific benefits for members and staff;
  6. Providing services which help attract, retain and reward competent and dedicated faculty and staff.

Values Statement

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Member/Customer Focus
  • Excellence
  • Service Orientated
  • Professionalism

University Medical Group - Board of Directors
Clinical Health Psychology

Dr. Lesley Graff - Department Head

Dr. Debbie Whitney - Board Member

Dr. Elizabeth Hebert - Board Member

Internal Medicine

Dr. Ebi Renner - Department Head

Dr. Kevin Wolfe - Board Member

Dr. Martin Karpinski - Board Member


Dr. Mary Jane Seager - Department Head

Dr. Alon Altman - Executive Committee Member (Vice Chair)

Dr. Margaret Burnett - Board Member


Dr. Terry Klassen - Department Head

Dr. Ming-Ka Chan - Executive Committee Member

Dr. Murray Kesselman - Board Member


Dr. Jitender Sareen - Department Head

Dr. Kurt Skakum - Board Member

Dr. Mandana Modirrousta - Board Member


Dr. Jack McPherson - Department Head

Dr. Jeremy Lipschitz - Executive Committee Member (Past Chair)

Dr. Leif Sigurdson - Executive Committee Member

Family Medicine

Dr. Jose Francois - Department Head

Dr. Nene Rush - Board Member

Community Health Sciences

Dr. Stephen Moses - Department Head

Dr. Lawrence Elliot - Board Member

Dr. Rob Chase - Board Member


Dr. Paul Kerr - Department Head

Dr. Darren Leitao - Executive Committee Member (Chair)

Dr. Donna Sutherland - Board Member


Dr. Chris Christodoulou - Department Head

Dr. Trevor Lee - Board Member

Dr. Sanjay Sareen - Board Member


Dr. Gabor Fischer - Department Head

Dr. Sherry Krawitz - Board Member

Dr. Charlie Littman - Board Member

Emergency Medicine

Dr. Alecs Chochinov - Department Head

Dr. Wes Palatnick - Board Member

Dean of Max Rady College of Medicine Dr. Brian Postl (ex-officio)

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